60 Days Fit – Bikini Ready

60 Days Fit - Bikini Ready

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Learn the secrets to stay in bikini shape all summer long and not feel any guilt while on Summer vacay. We work so hard to get our summer bodies ready – now let’s keep them!!… With Melina Fitness 60 Days Fit Bikini Ready you will enjoy fun fat burning workouts daily with Melina online, eat delicious fit recipes that include fresh Summer salads, stay on track with a 60 Days Fit calendar, and learn daily secrets to keep you bikini ready ALL summer long.  Let everyone else wonder what your secret is this Summer by showing off your new bikini & even get MORE results come Fall. This is my absolute BEST program to date… join my team NOW!!!

This 60-day at home program includes:

  • Easy to follow recipes for fresh seasonal meals
  • Get and stay bikini-ready all year
  • Proven techniques used by trained athletes that you can do at home!
  • More energy in your life, and physical results
  • NEW – Video Downloads for interactive workouts
  • Everything you need to get your body leaner & healthier at the same time!


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