Team SWOL Spartan Race Training

  Melina Fitness is putting together Team SWOL, a team of athletes for the Spartan SoCal Super & Sprint Weekend on Saturday, January 27th 2018.  What better way to kick off the New Year (yes, 2018 is near) by training ahead of time, challenging ourselves, and getting out of our comfort zone.  Melina Fitness is all about new challenges and guiding others through various obstacles in life.  This is a race that defines the strength that we all have and the fears that we all need to face by finishing something hard, hence the definition of our Team SWOL — “strength without limits.”

The Spartan Race quote, “you’ll know at the finish line,” is very inspiring as we all don’t see what really lies at the end until we get there. It is important to enjoy the journey and prep your mind and body to lead you to success.  Melina Fitness wanted to put together a team to work together because as a group we will push, motivate and support eachother.  It doesn’t matter how fast or slow you are, but that you finish something that you set your mind to.

Whether you decide to join us at the Spartan Race or not, I’ve created a program to train you like a Spartan!

Training starts the weekend of November 18th!

What the program includes:

  • 10 week training program with Melina Fitness
  • 10 weekend training sessions – Locations will change weekly
  • Weekly exercise training plan – Geared towards Spartan Race
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Supplement Guide
  • Weekly Check-Ins

Sign up by October 1st for only $150!  That’s only $15 per class!