60 Days Fit ‘Till Christmas

Melina Fitness brings you Season 7 of her 60 Days Fit till Christmas Series, filled with fun and healthy holiday recipes and workouts.

The program includes:

  • Fun Holiday-themed workouts (Santa Step Ups, Kwanza Kick Backs, Run Run Rudolph, and more!)
  • Delicious and healthy Holiday recipes (Peppermint Mocha Shakes, Pumpkin surprise)
  • Weekly check-ins with Melina via e-mail and on social media
  • “Secret Santa” Suprise workouts and recipes!
  • A detailed daily exercise guide you can do at home
  • Tips for dealing with holiday parties & fun cocktail recipe guide!
  • Daily meal plans and recipe book
  • A 60-day calendar to keep you on track
  • Online Video workout instructions

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