Melina Vlahos


A passion starts from a young age.  Followed by dedication, hard work, time, influence, experience and often, failures. Following each challenge, chance and chasing many desires, each obstacle becomes a success story and has created a strong, respected “Fitness Icon” that’s journey has only began.

Melina stands out in the sports and fitness industry unlike many.  Working diligently in the industry since 2004, Melina has developed a vast understanding of the importance of mental strength, physical fitness, nutritional education  and has committed herself to make a difference as not only a trainer, coach and image, but as an expert that people trust and find relate-able that can find answers that they are desperately looking for when trying to pursue their own dreams in the sports and fitness world.  Melina strives to educate her followers, clients, athletes and fitness professionals not only train functionally and to get fit, but develop and practice a lifestyle that will lead them to a rewarding success.

Like many, Melina began her career working in corporate gyms as a group exercise instructor which followed a successful personal trainer and then managing clubs in the Southern California area.  These positions opened new doors and allowed more motivation on a bigger platform as a fitness professional. During this time Melina completed studies in Communication at California State University, Long Beach, received several certifications with the International Sports Science Association, Sports Nutrition Specialist and a Masters in Recreation Administration.  Melina then got hired at California State University, Long Beach, teaching several fitness classes at in front of hundreds of students at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center.  This was extremely gratifying as Melina loved working with young adults, teaching them how to establish a healthy lifestyle at a young age.

It was working next to the “average fitness professionals” that made Melina realize that she needed to do something more, bigger, in front of a wide audience, and influence fitness professionals to be better. She wanted to surround herself by sports and fitness professionals that motivated, educated and inspired her to be better in the industry, and that was something she just could not find and was constantly disappointed.

There began the start of Melina Fitness. As a self made brand, name, young women, who developed her own private business creating training programs, meal planning guides, inspirational blogs and personal contacts to educate and inspire others.  As a person that constantly continues to grow, Melina is constantly researching, educating herself and seeking the best most effective ways to train, motivate and make a mark in the industry. This decision created success as an independent fitness professional.

Melina has just began to take off and make her mark in the sports and fitness world.  She is still very active, offering several fitness and nutritional programs,  speaking at fitness conferences, competing in bodybuilding a beauty shows as a Bikini Athlete, and working as a Master Trainer with world renown athletic trainer and physical therapist, Alex Mckechnie, and the Core X System.  She works with a variety of  PRO athletes and celebrities, and has taken her expertise internationally working with sports and fitness professionals in Europe.  She is involved with many media projects and her constant passion is standing out to many as people are seeking Melina to help in many different ways as a professional they can trust.

Melina Fitness has been an overwhelmingly satisfying business decision. It has allowed her to devote full attention to her “brand” focusing on her audience, personal clients, their needs, help achieve goals, educate functionally, and surround herself with other professionals that will make her better at what she does.  It has provided the time to research and keep up with current fitness and health trends, as well as study different industry challenges. While still developing, Melina Fitness, she takes pride instilling the proper methods to her audience, and that is what gives her the gratification to become even better at what she does.  It a job daily to be BETTER.  Melina is a “face” that can change people’s lives and a “face” that people trust to help them with their lifestyles.


Dreams, Goals & Inspiration

Melina’s career is growing fast.  She is constantly working on projects to “put herself out there…” Out for others to know her and respect her. Out to be apart of all aspects of the sports and fitness industry.  Out to be on the TOP of the industry with other fitness icons and celebrities, and see what she can offer to make her mark.  If there is one thing Melina can say is different about her than any other peer she works with, it is that she is relate-able.  People like her, respect her and never feel that she is on a different playing field than them.  She always wants to help others succeed and it shows in her passion for the industry as a whole.

With all the education, hard work, skill, connections and networking, Melina has began to build her empire as a sports and fitness entrepreneur.  She is teaching, training, consulting, modeling, and collaborating with several sports and fitness professionals building a team and creating network LARGER than Melina.  COMING SOON, a site, a network, a platform called SWOL TV will be the place where sports and fitness talent around the world go to connect and find their place in this industry.

Keep up with Melina Fitness and follow her journey as she sets out to inspire the world!

Throughout the years, Melina has been featured in various media channels, including television, radio, newsprint, competitions, and more.  Below are some of her highlights, or click here to view them all!