Run For Bikinis

Fitness Challenge – Run & Tuck PLUS 300

Complete a 5k RUN… this is 3.1 miles!!! You can do this on a treadmill or outside then EMAIL me your time!

Then complete:

  • 50/50 Knee tucks ( 50, bringing the knee in to chest in plank and 50,bringing opposite knee to opposite elbow… you can take a pause, just get in all reps!)
  • 100 basic walking lunges (KEEP your form) **Advanced do SWITCH lunges!
  • 100 basic push ups (GET THESE IN… on knees, on counter, practice, practice… I am putting them in this challenge because you don’t practice enough… make sure your elbows are back and hands are just out side shoulder width apart with chest over hands.. FORM is KEY!)