Don’t forget your SPF!!!

sunscreensAlright… we are officially getting into BIKINI SEASON, where the oil gets lathered and the tanning becomes a part of our weekly regiment to look extra FAB in our bikinis, tanks and sun dresses.  I want to take the time to stress how important taking care of your SKIN really is as a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Many of you know I LOVE to tan, and I make it a weekly ritual as the SoCal weather continues to heat up.  I love tanning so much I use to have competitions with my friends every Summer to see who was the darkest…LOL… not to mention, it’s so fun to just chill with your friends at the beach or by a pool with a cool beverage and enjoying your new bikini that you worked so hard to wear. #scruntchbutts I’d have to say, I love to tan almost as much as I love to LOOK & FEEL young.  SO… Bottom line is, tanning can be dangerous and damaging to your skin, and as much as I love to hit that sun, I NEVER FORGET to wear my SPF ALL OVER my face and body!

Things you need to know about  SPF:

Look for sunscreens that block both UVA and UVB rays.

The term SPF (sun protection factor) only refers to the protection the sunscreen offers from UVB radiation, the rays that can cause sunburn.   However, most photo-aging results from UVA rays, but BOTH types can contribute to skin cancer.  Be sure to choose products that blocks UVA and UVB.

INGREDIENTS:  Wondering what Mexoryl SX or avobenzone mean on the label? They’re newer compounds that some high end sunscreens use for enhanced UVA protection and stability when exposed to light.  Other protecting ingredients like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide also provide great protection against UVA rays.

 SPF numbers over 50 aren’t necessarily better.

New sunscreens with ever higher SPF ratings appear on shelves every summer, but there’s little additional benefit from products with an SPF above 50… so don’t be FOOLED.  No sunscreen, no matter how strong, can offer total protection!!!  Although it sounds like SPF 100 sunscreen would offer twice the benefit of an SPF 50, this is NOT true.  SPF 100 blocks 99 percent of UVB rays, but SPF 50k blocks 98 percent (Dr. Pericone, MD).  Even seemingly old fashioned SPF 30 keeps 96.7 percent of UVB rays away from your skin which is GREAT.  So, if your current sunscreen has an SPF 30, don’t feel like you need to replace it just to chase a higher number.

Different SPFs don’t add up.

If you wear an SPF 15 sunscreen and use SPF 10 makeup, it doesn’t mean you get SPF 25 protection (LOL).  You ONLY get the ultraviolet blocking benefit of the highest single SPF product you use.  Also, don’t assume that your clothes provide adequate protection for your body.  While it’s always a good idea to cover us when you’ll be in the sun, a white cotton T-shirt only provides an approximate SPF 5. Darker colored or tightly worn clothes provide much more protection, as d some specially treated UV protective clothing.

Apply plenty of sunscreen and apply it often.

When you find a sunscreen you like, the most critical thing you can do to maximize your protection is to apply it often and in adequate quantities.  According to the New York Times, if you use half the recommended quantity of an SPF 70 sunscreen, you only get the protection of an SPF 8.4.

It’s also important to know that one application in the morning doesn’t mean you’re protected all day. Sweating, swimming, and friction all make sunscreen less effective… and even does exposure to sunlight.  It’s important to reapply about every two hours when you’re outside.

All sunscreens may NOT be created equal! But, if you keep these SPF BeautyFIT tips in mind, it’s not impossible to find one that does the job.  The most important thing is that you USE it consistently and correctly.  Whether you choose cream, gel, or spray, if sun protection is regular part of your HEALTH and BeautyFIT routine, it will make your skin stay beautiful for years to come.

XOXO… your trainer… Melina

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