Motivation Tips to Lose Body Fat FAST!

  Following the FIT TOX by Melina Fitness is a great jump start to weight loss and overall health.  This program is strict and can feel extreme in many ways because it is a “FITNESS DETOX” to get you fast results with superfoods and fat burning workouts.  It was designed on several theories and science when it comes to wieght loss and health.  I have created a meal plan based on the general tips below to make it easy to follow for someone looking to make a lifestyle change.


Following the weight loss tools below will change your lifestyle habits and to get you to lose body fat.

FAT LOSS Motivation Tips by Melina:
1. Eat within 60-90 minutes when you wake up
2. Eat a balanced meal Every 2-3 hours
3. Eat Protein with every meal
4. Eat Veggies with every meal
5. Eat Essential fats with every meal
6. Eat Starchy carbs post workout meal (oats, rice, grains)
7. Stay away from processed foods and refined sugars
8. Drink 1 gallon of water daily
9. Plan your meal times
10. Every 4-6 days have a “cheat” meal (consists of higher in fats/carbs/sugar)
12. Do CARDIO based training 4-5x per week (start moderate and increase with time)
13. Get 8 hours of sleep
14. Weigh yourself weekly to hold yourself accountable
15. Eat last meal 1-2 hours before your bed time
Stay focused and day by day you will create this NEW lifestyle… xoxoxo.. your trainer.. Melina