inspire-others-18It is so easy to get caught up in the NEGATIVE and let others and life situations bring you DOWN.  Always try to think of eating BETTER, working HARDER, and getting STRONGER! Take each day at a time and MAKE a plan that KEEPS you going! REMEMBER, that you are DOING this for YOURSELF and NO ONE ELSE! You don’t need to explain yourself and what you do to ANYONE and the only person you are going to ever LET down is yourself! Reward your accomplishments with positive energy, a new workout outfit, pedicure or even a massage… NOT FOOD! Use food as fuel to get you through the day and not as a COMFORT tool.  Use the scale to monitor and manage your  body, don’t be STRESSED about it.  If you are staying on a plan, you shouldn’t ever be stressed about working out or eating correctly! IF you ever NEED anything, advice, motivation, ideas to self control or even just some positive WORDS… ASK ME, no one else… I am your NUMBER #2 supporter aside from yourself! YOU are your #1 supporter and don’t expect it any other WAY! The only person who needs to understand what you are going through and working towards is yourself!!!!!! Don’t look for answers where they aren’t going to be given!  I am HERE for you and I DO UNDERSTAND!

With that said… if you are off track and haven’t been committed to this program yet… ASK yourself why… and MAKE the change today! It’s NEVER too late to start a NEW LIFESTYLE and path that will only make you HAPPY!

xoxo… your trainer… Melina