Supplements: Do they really help my overall HEALTH?

Are you one of those people that are unsure about vitamins and what to take?  Do you often think, do vitamins really work?  Do I need to take them daily? What about sports supplements such as protein powders, pre-workout powders, fat burners, etc.  Then you finally go into the vitamin shop near by and are lost because there literally are supplements for ANY and EVERY THING.  Then you really don’t know what you need for your goals and needs and are overwhelmed with the sales person (who by the way doesn’t even really know what they are selling) who makes you feel like you need to buy the whole store.  So then you end up leaving, after spending over at least $100, with a bag full of stuff that you now know nothing about or what to do with.

vitamins-thinkstock-167168304-617x416Okay, here  it goes…YES, you need to take vitamins!  And.. you may or may NOT need to take sports supplements depending on your physical goals, athleticism and health as it CURRENTLY is.   No matter what your physician says, you DO need to take essential vitamins and minerals in supplement form.  Did you know that only 10% of all medical doctors study nutrition and vitamin therapy anyway, AND there is SOOOO much misguided information about vitamins and supplements on the news, internet et.   People always tend to think they KNOW what to do to stay healthy based on misguided information that they “HEAR”, when in fact they don’t, and it’s just an excuse to NOT take the time to actually learn what is really good for them.  If you want to hear and learn my opinion, then keep reading, and if you don’t, then go back to eating and drinking whatever you want and skipping your vitamins because you think they aren’t really going to make that much of a difference.

Often times you hear that if you have a poor diet, then it doesn’t really matter if you take vitamins or not.  This definitely has some truth to it, and a healthy diet is ESSENTIAL for optimum health, and to maintain vital nutrients you need throughout the day for your body to function.  Even if you are on a very regimented, clean diet, as a certified sports nutrition, fitness trainer, and NPC Athlete myself, I do recommend a variety of what I think are essential vitamins and minerals daily to ensure that your body is getting everything it needs to function 110% and prevent future disease, body dis-function, viral infections, and mental health.  My advice, make sure you take the dosages provided my the instructions on the bottles.  While overdoing dosages isn’t THAT BAD, it can cause nausea, vomiting and irritable bowl movements (this is extreme case scenario).  Also, make sure you look into the ingredients listed on the vitamin bottles.  Don’t get a brand that has filler or added chemicals in the supplement.  I would suggest doing some research on branding to make sure you get a good credible vitamin brand.  

Ask yourself this, WHY WOULDN’T you take vitamins???  I truly believe that you should do everything that you possibly can to control your overall health, and that includes EVERYTHING that you put into your body daily.  So take control of your health, learn about proper nutrition, and get on a vitamin regiment that is right for you!

Sports supplements are where it gets tricky.  Like I said, there are many benefits to sports supplements, but that all depends on what YOUR body needs.  This is something that should be assessed by a professional so that you can get guided in the right direction on what supplements to buy for your diet plan.  Athletes, people who are depleted of certain nutrients, or NEED extra enhancements due to their lifestyle and performance expectations, need specific sports supplements to reach their goals.  However, these people too, need to be on a regimented diet and meal plan to meet their needs.  The sports supplements WILL NOT WORK, if their diet is NOT right for them.

Remember, a diet is what you eat.  Plain and simple.  Vitamins are essential to your optimum health and sports supplements can help get the athletic results your are looking for.

To get a FULL assessment on your lifestyle, including nutritional counseling, meal planning and supplement planning, please contact me via email or sign up for my nutritional programs to get you started on a custom PLAN for you today.

The key to success is having a plan… and the plan will WORK, if you WORK the plan.

xoxo.. your trainer.. Melina